In the Fall of 2005 I began experiencing severe lower back pain.  I tried a variety of disciplines to relieve the pain including appointments with an orthopedic surgeon, treatments with a chiropractor, sessions with a physical therapist, and finally three epidurals.  All without any lasting results.  I contacted David upon the recommendation of the anesthesiologist who administered the epidurals since the only other alternative offered was surgery.  I was completely unfamiliar with acupuncture , but at this point I was interested in anything.  I spoke with David prior to my appointment and he was extremely knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable about seeing him for treatment.  I had an appointment with David on a Tuesday while I was experiencing severe pain and on the following Thursday I had almost no pain.  I continued to see David on a regular basis for about a year and then not at all.  I have had an occasional flare up, which usually requires one treatment.  David was the only source that provided consistent and long lasting relief from pain.  I highly recommend David for his skills as a practitioner and as a wonderful and kind person. 
Alice W.

Dear David,
I am writing this letter to thank you for all the exquisite care you've provided to our patients at SEGO. Every one of the many patients we've sent to you has returned to us with overwhelming gratitude for the help they've received. Nausea has ceased to be an issue, sleeplessness has resolved; various complaints of pain have totally dissipated. This is a 100% positive response and we are so thankful to have you as a resource for our ladies. Since I am in a "thank you mode" please let me take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful and vastly informative presentations you've given to us, our physicians and also our patients. Every time I hear you speak I lean something new and our doctors have shared that they, too, have enhanced their knowledge base by attending functions you've spoken at. We look forward to many more years of enjoying your professional care and the knowledge you are so generous to share with us all.
Best Regards, 
Penny D., RN, MS, OCNDirector Clinical Research Southeastern Gynecologic OncologyAtlanta, GA

Several years ago I contracted Lyme disease and suffered from a variety of side effects.  After traditional medical approaches were not successful, a doctor recommended David Hobbs.  His acupuncture treatments combined with Chinese herbs helped me enormously.  I continue to be impressed by his professionalism, broad medical knowledge and uncanny ability to connect with patients.
Adriana M.

Dear David, I wanted to thank you for all of your kind care you provide me recently with my acupuncture treatments for my condition of neuropathy. As you know I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor and I developed sensory neuropathy in my hands and feet as a side of effect from my chemotherapy. I had suffered with this for over 18 months. I thought it was a permanent side effect I was going to have to live with, but what a miracle it is that through your treatments and advice it is 99% gone. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but tried to be open minded about acupuncture. I also appreciated your expertise in nutritional supplements I should be taking to assist in the acupuncture treatments for my condition. You are a caring professional and I would highly recommend you to any person who is suffering from conditions that acupuncture could help with! Thanks again!
Linda L.