Welcome to Hobbs Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine.  More and more people are turning to Oriental medicine as a way to have a more balanced approach to their health care, and with good reason.  Growing evidence suggests that this healing art can provide effective treatment for a wide variety of common medical conditions, enabling one to combine the advantages of both traditional and complementary medicine in a truly integrated way.

The philosophy of healing here is one that emphasizes the power of the individual for their own health.  Honestly, people often turn to acupuncture when "all else fails".  Many an acupuncturist has heard the words, "You're my last hope".  What people want is healing, healing that lasts.  In order to reach that goal, it is the person themself that has the greatest part in the process.  A good healer, be they physician or acupuncturist, is there to give the patient the right tools and treatment to get them to a point of change.  For by definition, healing implies change.  It is the process of signaling the body new information that allows the body to integrate the treatment and return to balance, or self-regulation.  Acupuncture is one of those powerful signals that can spur that healing change.

I am always glad to take your inquiries about specific symptoms and conditions, to see if acupuncture and Oriental medicine has that healing potential for you.  Thanks for visiting!